Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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On Pediatrics A fourth-year medical student’s dispatches from the pediatrics ward.
Say It With a Song 2014: “Ebola in Town,” a hot new dance track popular in West Africa, is more than a catchy tune—it’s...
Waiting for the Revolution A third-year medical student on the psychiatric ward.
Scientific Revolutions Paradigm shifts.
Bedside Manner A medical student examines the place of laughter in the healing process.
I Died Laughing When laughter isn’t the best medicine.
Death from Above, 1793 The year that the nation’s new capital of Philadelphia would lose one in ten citizens to yellow fever—the first plague in the United States.
The Art of Dying As a young doctor, Gayatri Devi watched over the bedside death of a friend and wondered if it was a Good Death.
Extended Circumstances Does life end when the heart stops, the brain fizzles, or when those closest to us decide it’s over?
Roots of Laughter 1860 / London
A Death in Year Three A medical student’s confrontation with death.
Memento Mori by Lewis Lapham
Funny Bones Skeletons used to be objects of horror—now they’re better known as comedic props.
LQ Podcast 49: Meet Nostradamus The man behind the prophecies was a well-respected sixteenth-century doctor and astrologer. Nostradamus biographer Stéphane Gerson explains how he became a legendary “prophet of doom.”
Hair Today 2013: Scientists at Columbia University may have found an effective, natural-looking treatment for baldness. Unlike a hair transplant, which grafts...
Stayin’ Alive A brief history of resuscitation, from tobacco enemas to mouth-to-mouth, and its relative success in bringing people back from the dead.
American Ways of Death Facts and figures from the American funeral industry
When Moby Dick Is On the Menu Now illegal, whale meat was once a culinary curiosity supported by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries.
David Hume & Jack Kevorkian Ending It
Thomas Browne & Paul Zweig In Sickness and In Health
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