Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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literary criticism
Beyond the Fields We Know The supernatural literature of Arthur Machen, Walter de la Mare, and Algernon Blackwood
Living in the Margins In medieval marginalia, you might find complaining monks, a nun breastfeeding a monkey, and sexual wordplay. Oh, and doodles, lots of doodles.
The Late Word Curtis White discusses the connection between bookselling and book culture and what the current shift in the former means for the future of ‘literature.’
Edmund Wilson Regrets c. 1950 / New York City
Tough Crowd 1846 / Copenhagen
Entourage c. 432 BC / Athens
Dickens in Lagos by George Packer
Urban Scrawl by Jamie James
Editors’ Picks: Literary Soccer During this brief lull in the World Cup, LQ selects the best in soccer literature.
Contest: Working Titles Figure out the working titles of famous books and win a free issue of Arts & Letters.
Heroes and Villains Reading the biographies of Jesus, Moses, Judas, and Satan.
The Rough Reader “The Demise of Great Books,” by John Davidson, The Daily Texan, Sept. 23, 2009. The latest chapter in...
In the Midst of Death by John Crowley
The Magic Mountain: Course of Illness by Iain Bamforth
The Vehicle of Language by Billy Collins
Travel Writing: Nowhere Need Be Foreign by Pico Iyer
Archiving the Future Warren Breckman discusses the perils of technology and archiving.
Arts Endowment by Tim Parks
Fortune’s Wheel by Jackson Lears
Walden: Living Deliberately by Bill McKibben
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