Thursday, April 17th, 2014
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Die Laughing Laughter is the best medicine, until the spasms of joy become harbingers of death.
Death & Comedy at Joe’s Pub Monday, January 27 at 7pm
Faces of Death Death has been the artist’s muse as far back as the eye can see.
I Died Laughing When laughter isn’t the best medicine.
Death from Above, 1793 The year that the nation’s new capital of Philadelphia would lose one in ten citizens to yellow fever—the first plague in the United States.
Human Trophies The skull is a familiar memento mori, but during the Second World War it also became a controversial souvenir.
The Art of Dying As a young doctor, Gayatri Devi watched over the bedside death of a friend and wondered if it was a Good Death.
Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Hit Rebel Without a Cause was a teen movie that became a world-wide hit when the studio decided to exploit the image of its dead star, the little-known James Dean.
Extended Circumstances Does life end when the heart stops, the brain fizzles, or when those closest to us decide it’s over?
LQ Podcast 52: The Blood Telegram In 1971 a military crackdown by the Pakistani government resulted in a horrific genocide against the people of East Pakistan, present-day Bangladesh. Professor Gary J. Bass recounts this dark chapter and explains why the United States bears some responsibility for the crimes.
Last Testament 1456 / Paris
My First Mistake Simon Winchester’s first (and hopefully last) deathly error.
Body Snatchers of Old New York The bodies of slaves populated the dissection tables in 1780s New York City, stolen from the least cared for plot of land in the city—the African Burial Ground.
LQ Podcast 51: Poe’s Terror of the Soul Curators Declan Kiely and Isaac Gewirtz discuss the life and influence of Edgar Allan Poe, which they chart through manuscripts, letters, publications, and artwork in the new Morgan Library exhibit Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul.
False Predictions 2013: A New York City psychic was sentenced to ten years in prison after a judge accused her of preying...
Ever After Solving the problem of mortality, one plan at a time.
Thomas Hobbes & Viktor Frankl Laughing and Crying
A Death in Year Three A medical student’s confrontation with death.
LQ Podcast 50: John Hodgman The deranged millionaire himself reads stories from our Death issue from Vladimir Nabokov, Petronius, and the London Society for the Prevention of Premature Burial.
Memento Mori by Lewis Lapham
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