Friday, September 19th, 2014
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Lenny Bruce Loses the Crowd 1963 / Los Angeles
Quintilian & Joan Rivers Sticks and Stones
Seaworthy Vessels Match the captain to the ship.
Kicking the Habit Rehabilitation and detoxification centers
The Hollywood Canteen The Hollywood Canteen sees movie stars contribute to the war effort in a personal fashion.
Named by the Stars Winter 2012, “Family”
Hired Hands When you can’t surround yourself with a throng of admirers, you can always hire them to clap, cheer, and hang on to your every word—something actors have done for thousands of years.
Fired! Spring 2011, “Lines of Work”
It Girls Aging icons Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks once walked among us in New York City. Is it possible that the two ever met?
Image Is Everything Winter 2011, “Celebrity”
But What I Really Want to Do Is Invent Winter 2011, “Celebrity”
They’re Just Like Us! Winter 2011, “Celebrity”
Fail-safe Winter 2011, “Celebrity”
LQ Podcast 9: Live from Joe’s Pub 1 Last month we had a release party for our Celebrity issue, and we invited some real celebrities to help us make merry by reading some of their favorite excerpts from it. Part one features readings by Alec Baldwin and Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a song by Taylor Mac and Mandy Patinkin.
LQ Podcast 8: Paul Collins Paul Collins talks about his essay from the “Celebrity” issue, about a forgotten child prodigy who published her first novel in 1927 at age twelve to wide acclaim, and then slipped into obscurity.
“Celebrity” at Joe’s Pub January 20th, 7pm
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June 2 / Tickets for the DECADES BALL are available now. Join us at our yearly gala to celebrate the 1870s with readings from the Quarterly with stars of stage and screen. More