Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Bottoms Up! 2014: First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has come under fire this week for referring to his home country as...
Potent Potables 2013: A New Jersey investigation discovered 29 bars and restaurants had doctored cocktails using rubbing alcohol and dirty water in...
A Pilgrim’s Drunken Progress Starting on the “Mayflower,” the Pilgrims had a complicated relationship with alcohol—one modern history tends to ignore.
Lips That Touch Liquor 2013: The decommissioned Brooklyn Navy Yard is now home to the first legal distillery opened in New York City since...
The Complete Syllabus: Intoxication A list of all of the books used in our Winter issue, “Intoxication.”
A Fire in the Belly Spontaneous combustion via overindulging in spirits cited by temperance advocates; Charles Dickens.
Strong Constitutions The drinking habits of the Continental Congress
Kicking the Habit Rehabilitation and detoxification centers
Drinking on the Job Workers and their rum, whiskey, tobacco, and beer
Prohibition Banned intoxicants, from hashish to LSD
Morning-After Mixology Hangover remedies from Mesopotamia to 1930s London
Potent Potables Percent alcohol by volume through the centuries
Mission Statement c. 1867 / Paris
Coming Soon: “Intoxication” On newsstands December 17
Intervention 1801 / Baltimore
To Spite the Devil 1530 / Veste Coburg
Crowd Control 1833 / Maryland
Progress Report 1919 / Atlanta
High on Life 1861 / Amherst, MA
Dry Ship, Wet Ocean 1836 / Pacific Ocean
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