Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
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Gerard Manley Hopkins & Doris Lessing Nothing is Personal
Anne Roiphe Picks Up the Tab 1963 / New York City
Last Testaments by Francine Prose
Between the Lines by Robert Boyers
Before the Fall c. 540 / Babylon
Word Order by Lewis H. Lapham
In the Names of Progress 1896 / Shanghai
To Keep the Word Alive 1985 / Paris
Invention of Letters 1826 / Philadelphia
In Favor of the Antescript c. 1943 / Dublin
Francis Bacon & Joan Didion The Memory Game
Word for Word by Ben Zimmer
Unintended Consequence c. 370 BC / Athens
Today’s Menu 1749 / London
Lewis Lapham Judges the 3 Quarks Daily Politics Prize November 22 through December 31
Edmund Wilson Regrets c. 1950 / New York City
Tough Crowd 1846 / Copenhagen
Wordplay by Simon Maxwell Apter
Test of Time 1919 / England
Writing in Stone 1831 / Paris
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