Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
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Henry Adams on Whence He Came 1845 / Quincy, MA
H. L. Mencken on Balder and Dash 1921 / Baltimore
New Hires 1947 / Washington, DC
Dark-Ship Diplomacy 1853 / Washington, DC
Fit for the Job 2013: New Jersey governor Chris Christie, whose weight has long been a punchline for comedians (and rivals) confirmed last week...
Institutional Giving 2013: As federal workers prepare for sequester-induced furloughs that will reduce their take-home pay, President Barack Obama, in a gesture...
Watch the Throne 2013: South Korean history was made this week, as Park Geun-hye became the country’s first female president. Strained relations with...
Cats, Rats, and Crabs Findings from the Editor
LQ Podcast 34: H. W. Brands Brands reconsiders the misunderstood life and career of President Ulysses Grant, the subject of his essay, “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” in LQ’s Politics issue and of his new book, The Man Who Saved the Union.
Union Busting 2012: After the recent reelection of President Barack Obama, conservatives across the country have attempted to regroup, but some in...
Keeping Busy 2012: Former United States President George W. Bush has largely kept out of the spotlight since leaving office in 2008,...
Political Animals 2012: Noted animal lover Vladimir Putin sent a very special gift to political ally Hugo Chavez—a black terrier puppy the...
Campaign Promises 1879 / Hartford, CT
Home Brews 2012: In an historic Reddit interview, President Obama assured an anxious population that the recipe for the White House...
If You Can’t Stand the Heat 1959 / Moscow
Working the Room by Michael Phillips-Anderson
Tales of Brave Ulysses by H.W. Brands
The World in Time: The Passage of Power Pulizter-Prize winning author Robert Caro talks with Lewis Lapham about the latest volume in his serial biography of President Lyndon Johnson.
Locusts, Cilantro, Elvis Presley Findings From the Editors
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