Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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Say It With a Song 2014: “Ebola in Town,” a hot new dance track popular in West Africa, is more than a catchy tune—it’s...
Roots of Laughter 1860 / London
Memento Mori by Lewis Lapham
LQ Podcast 49: Meet Nostradamus The man behind the prophecies was a well-respected sixteenth-century doctor and astrologer. Nostradamus biographer Stéphane Gerson explains how he became a legendary “prophet of doom.”
Hair Today 2013: Scientists at Columbia University may have found an effective, natural-looking treatment for baldness. Unlike a hair transplant, which grafts...
David Hume & Jack Kevorkian Ending It
Thomas Browne & Paul Zweig In Sickness and In Health
Monsters of the Deep c. 1240 / Norway
Potent Potables 2013: A New Jersey investigation discovered 29 bars and restaurants had doctored cocktails using rubbing alcohol and dirty water in...
Cats, Rats, and Crabs Findings from the Editor
Under the Influence 1843 / London
Are You there God? It’s Me, John 1873 / Bristol
Harriet Martineau Under A Spell 1844 / Tynemouth
Healing Spirits by Daniel Mason
An Omnivore’s Dilemma c. 1795 / France
Hangover Cure c. 1985 / El Paso
Balanced Diets by Daniel Mason
Killing the Killer 2011: How the mighty have fallen. Smallpox, which has killed hundreds of millions dating back to pre-history, is on its...
Death in the Pot by Deborah Blum
Countess of Blessington & the Sedgwick Sisters Thinning Out
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