Friday, September 19th, 2014
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Class Notes 1976 / Paris
Nathaniel Hawthorne Gets on the Train c. 1850 / New England
A German Comedy is Like a German Sentence 1856 / London
Flann O’Brien Splits the Atom 1940 / Ireland
The Reply Churlish 1882 / San Francisco
Once Upon a Time in the West by Ben Tarnoff
Memento Mori by Lewis Lapham
To Market, To Market 2013: Yes Lady Finance, a Hong Kong pawnbroker, is turning its attention a new kind of customer: wealthy women looking...
Fabled Powers by Sven Birkerts
Between the Lines by Robert Boyers
The Next Future by John Crowley
F. Scott Fitzgerald & Dutch Sailor A Newer World
Deus Ex Machina 2010: Today is the day that California, soaked with rain, will finally crack from the continental shelf and make its...
The Rough Reader “The Demise of Great Books,” by John Davidson, The Daily Texan, Sept. 23, 2009. The latest chapter in...
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