Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
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Auguste Comte & Timothy Leary Mind Over Matter
Non-Apology 1830 / Eafield
LQ Podcast 48: Alec Baldwin The actor lends his stentorian pipes to the reading of Harpo Marx, Gustave Flaubert, and Maxim Gorky.
Potent Potables 2013: A New Jersey investigation discovered 29 bars and restaurants had doctored cocktails using rubbing alcohol and dirty water in...
Vision of Beatitude 1912 / Connecticut
Coming Soon: “Intoxication” On newsstands December 17
Wrinkle In Time c. 1855 / Poughkeepsie, NY
Roald Dahl Stages a Symphony 1980 / Buckinghamshire
The Vision Thing c. 1095 / Europe
Fabled Powers by Sven Birkerts
Stephen Crane & William S. Burroughs I Am Not An Addict
Harriet Martineau Under A Spell 1844 / Tynemouth
Tobias Smollett Tastes the Sweet and Sour 1771 / London
Tonight’s Moon, Tomorrow’s Hangover c. 1680 / Edo
Hangover Cure c. 1985 / El Paso
Street Noise c. 1864 / London
The Drug of Folly c. 100 / Alexandria
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