Saturday, September 20th, 2014
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LQ Podcast 53: Richard Pryor Explore the genius of Richard Pryor’s comedy and the tragic life behind it with David and Joe Henry, authors of the new Pryor biography Furious Cool.
Alms for Oblivion by Lewis H. Lapham
Coming Soon: “Intoxication” On newsstands December 17
Michael Pollan Bleeds a Poppy 1997 / Connecticut
Nick Reding Reconstructs the Hallucination 2001 / Oelwein, IA
Wrinkle In Time c. 1855 / Poughkeepsie, NY
Albert Hofman Explores an Alternate Universe 1943 / Basel
Performance Enhancement 1970 / San Diego
Crack Isn’t Addictive, Now, Is It? 1992 / San Francisco
Are You there God? It’s Me, John 1873 / Bristol
Fabled Powers by Sven Birkerts
Stephen Crane & William S. Burroughs I Am Not An Addict
Super Strength 2012: Sixteen-year-old swimmer Ye Shiwen, a member of the Chinese Olympic team, is at the center of increasingly sharp questions...
Breakfast of Champions 1979 / Texas
The Comeback Kid by Terry McDonell
Opium Den 1843 / Kreuznach
Thomas de Quincey Helps Himself 1804 / London
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