Sunday, September 21st, 2014
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Father Knows Best c. 1804 / Missouri
Ralph Ellison Shines the Spotlight c. 1930 / New York City
Daniel Alarcón Introduces the Candidates 2011 / Lima
Pump Up the Volume c. 1925 / China
Working the Room by Michael Phillips-Anderson
LQ Podcast 29: Jon Gertner Discover the technological marvel that was Bell Labs with author Jon Gertner, who discusses his book on the subject, The Idea Factory.
LQ Podcast 28: Invented Languages Klingon. Esperanto. Dothraki. Dive into the weird world of invented languages with LQ editor Aidan Flax-Clark, linguist Arika Okrent, and an array of language inventors.
LQ Podcast 27: DARE Delve into the history of DARE, the Dictionary of American Regional English, with LQ contributor Simon Winchester and DARE chief editor Joan Hall.
Instant Messaging c. 1190 BC / Argos
Horsepower c. 1860 / United States
Drum Circle 1841 / Equatorial Guinea
Seen But Not Heard 1922 / New York City
Turn On, Tune In 1915 / Congers, NY
To the Barricades 2011 / Cairo
Martin Luther Goes Viral 1518 / Wittenberg
In the Names of Progress 1896 / Shanghai
In Favor of the Antescript c. 1943 / Dublin
Tim O’Brien Tells a True War Story c. 1969 / Vietnam
St. Benedict & Maurice Maeterlinck The Rest is Silence
Game Changer c. 1795 / London
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