Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
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Lord Byron Volunteers His Services 1823 / Greece
Nursed With Great Tenderness 1775 / London
So Many False Arguments 1685 / London
Royal Pain 2013: Not all Britons are thrilled about the arrival of the still-unnamed royal baby. Criticism of media coverage of the...
In Defense 2013: The House of Lords, the section of the United Kingdom’s government made up of hereditary peers, has defeated an...
The World in Time: Indecent Proposal Wendy Moore talks with Lewis Lapham about her book: “How to Create the Perfect Wife: Britain’s Most Ineligible Bachelor and his Enlightened Quest to Train the Ideal Mate.”
The Sea is English 1878 / Edinburgh
Trip of a Lifetime 2013: There might soon be life on Mars—human life. A Dutch nonprofit announced last week plans to sponsor a group...
Open Waters by Simon Winchester
The World in Time: Kings of Light Author Dan Jones talks to Lewis Lapham about his book, The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England.
Staking A Claim 2012: New examination of a skeleton discovered in 1959 has shed light on the longstanding fear of vampires in Britain....
Players Club by Rebecca Lemon
The World in Time: England’s Most Brutal Battle Lewis Lapham talks with George Goodwin about his book Fatal Colours: Towton 1461, England’s Most Brutal Battle.
The Oakling and the Oak by Anne Fadiman
The World in Time: Another House Divided England’s textile industry depended on cotton, but the country abhorred slavery. Lewis Lapham talks with historian Amanda Foreman about Britain’s complicated and crucial role in the American Civil War.
Force-Feeding 1910 / Liverpool
Hands Full 1839 / Stonegappe
As False as Common Fame c. 1680 / Oxfordshire
Among the Best 1844 / Manchester
National Pastime 2010: The Iroquois national lacrosse team is one of the best in the world but, as the New York Times...
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