Monday, September 22nd, 2014
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Martin Luther Nails It 1517 / Wittenberg
Right of Return 2014: Centuries after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella banished all practicing Jews from the kingdom of Spain, the country has...
Trial by Fire by Anthony Grafton
Bird Call c. 1200 / Assisi
Spreading the Word 1312 / Vienne
Conversion 2.0 2011: History is filled with stories of supernatural conversions to Christianity, and the multitude of epiphanies and flying crosses could...
The World in Time: Vicars of Christ The papacy, despite ups and downs, has enjoyed nearly 2000 years of uninterrupted rule. Lewis Lapham talks with historian John Julius Norwich about one of the most successful institutions the world has ever known.
Atonement 2.0 2011: Just weeks after Pope Benedict gave his blessing for the use of social media among Catholics, a confessional iPhone...
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