Mine Rescue, by Fletcher Martin, 1939. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC.


Volume VIII, Number 3 | summer 2015


Money Trails

Where the UN, the World Bank, and eleven nations send foreign aid



Ancient Greeks and Romans expanded the concept of philanthropy—love for mankind— to include animals’ love for humans. Plutarch called the fawn “tame and philanthropos.” Aristotle referred to the snipe and jackal as philanthropoi. “It is necessary that they not only love humans,” wrote Xenophon of horses, “but that they long for them.”

The friend of all humanity is no friend to me.

- Molière , 1666


LQ Podcast

#02 Andrew Bacevich

Lewis Lapham talks to Andrew J. Bacevich about America’s shift from the Cold War to war in the Middle East. More