Mine Rescue, by Fletcher Martin, 1939. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC.


Volume VIII, Number 3 | summer 2015


Money Trails

Where the UN, the World Bank, and eleven nations send foreign aid



In 1956 a shelter run by Catholic social worker Dorothy Day was ordered closed by New York City for being a firetrap. Day was fined $250. On her way to court, she passed a group of needy-looking men, one of whom gave her a check and said, “I want to help out a little bit toward the fine. Here’s two-fifty.” Based on the man’s shabby dress, Day assumed he had given $2.50; later she noticed the check was for the full amount and signed by W.H. Auden, who had read about her case and come to help. “Poets do look a bit unpressed, don’t they?” Day said.

They say that gifts persuade even the gods. 

- Euripides, 431 BC



Vax Off


In California, a new law is making vaccines mandatory for schoolchildren.


In the nineteenth century, some challenged the necessity of smallpox vaccination.


LQ Podcast

#56 Doris Kearns Goodwin

The Pulitzer Prize–winning historian speaks with Lewis Lapham about her latest book, The Bully Pulpit. More