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Volume VII, Number 4 | fall 2014


During a total solar eclipse in 1919, astronomer and physicist Arthur Eddington observed from Príncipe Island that gravity bent the path of light to the degree predicted by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Eddington went on to help popularize relativity and the idea that the universe was expanding. When asked how many people really understood his theories of universal expansion, he replied, “Perhaps seven.”

Time’s violence rends the soul; by the rent eternity enters.

- Simone Weil, 1947


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#60 Orlando Figes

“In all revolutions there comes a moment when the high ideals of the revolutionaries crash onto the hard rocks of reality.”  More

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“Foreigners” at Joe’s Pub


Join us for a celebration of Lapham’s Quarterly’s Winter issue, “Foreigners,” featuring readings and songs that explore strange encounters, festering rivalries, and world travel. 


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