Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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Coming Soon: “Politics”



Bundle up and get ready to hit the polls--but first, pick up a copy of Politics, the Fall 2012 issue of Lapham's Quarterly, campaigning for space on newsstands September 17th.

Talk about the issues that matter, from ancient Rome to the Tweeting, blogging members of today's Senate! We're bringing you George Washington on political politeness, Emma Goldman on whether or not to give those pesky suffragettes their way at the voting booth, Justice Anthony Kennedy on the civil rights of corporations, and Aristophanes on alternative ways of waging war.

Charts, graphs, and lists help you asses your own stomach for political leadership (to say nothing of the foods favored by our dearest leaders) and imagine seating yourself upon the world's most famous thrones. Essays include Jeffrey Gettleman on politics in modern Kenya, Michael Phillips Anderson on America's funniest presidents, and Kara Cooney on Hatshepsut, Egypt's female king. Plus, Robert Boyers on the political novel and Anthony Grafton on Florentine monks gone rogue.

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