Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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Coming Soon: “Intoxication”



Time to pour one out at the newsstand--Intoxication, the Winter 2012 issue of Lapham's Quarterly, will be available for consumption on December 17th.

We've assembled the most well-stocked open bar you'll ever order from, with everything from wine and cheese to drugs that haven't even been invented yet! On the menu you'll find Jacqueline Susann on those devilish little dolls, Albert Hoffman and the birth of LSD, Michael Pollan on accidental drug production, and King James I on tobacco, the newest vice.

Charts, graphs, and lists offer a handy guide to fictional (and dangerous potions) and morning-after cures from P.G. Wodehouse and ancient Mesopotamia. Essays include Sven Birkerts on intoxicated writers and Rebecca Lemon on getting drunk with Shakespeare.

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