Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
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Coming Soon: “Food”



Summer is almost here and LQ is ready to dig in with our upcoming issue "Food," out on newsstands on June 15. In the issue, Charles Dickens asks for just a little more, Annie Dillard participates in the food chain, William Carlos Williams raids the refrigerator, Roland Barthes fiddles with chopsticks, H.L. Mencken worships the hot dog, and Erasmus teaches us how to have good table manners.

The issue also includes charts and graphs of history's top chefs, a sampling of dos and don't for table manners all over the world, the calorie counts of military rations, and major historical party fouls. Our essays include Daniel Mason on earth-eating, science writer Deborah Blum on food poisoning, and Brent Cunningham on the bourgeois desire to return to the farm.

This issue is all about flora, fauna, and the home cooks and restaurants that serve them. And remember, sometimes spaghetti just likes to be alone:

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