Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
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LQ Podcast 20: John Crowley, Part 1


crowley150.jpgNovelist John Crowley talks with LQ editor Aidan Flax-Clark about why the future is disappearing from people's imaginations and why it's being replaced by the past. (For Part 2 click here.)

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For more from John Crowley, read his essay "The Next Future" from our Fall 2011 issue, or listen to a podcast we did with him about Herman Hesse's The Glass Bead Game, in which he talks about his essay about the book for our Summer 2010 issue "Sports & Games."

The Lapham's Quarterly Podcast is a monthly endeavor that includes conversations with our contributors and readings from the issue by actors, journalists, and comedians.

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  • I never knew you existed before this morning... But you do and I am glad of that...

    Your interview with John Crowley (I am a hopeless Fan) was a mental flower garden... How do I listen to your second pod cast with him>?


    Posted by John Casey on Wed 5 Oct 2011

  • I, too, am interested in the second part of the interview, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Is this an internet treasure hunt? (If so, it's totally worth it.)

    Posted by BericDondarrion on Thu 6 Oct 2011

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